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DeJunne’ Clark Jackson is an educational professional with over a decade of experience working with young children and adolescents. With a wealth of knowledge across several disciplines, DeJunne’ has the diverse experience necessary to address a multitude of concerns surrounding the education of students. From early childhood development to college matriculation, DeJunne’ has been able to serve a multitude of students and families – helping them to become successful in their educational pursuits. As the founder of Learning Fundamentals Educational Therapy & Consulting, she is most impassioned about the advocacy she’s curated surrounding dyslexia awareness and reading instruction.

DeJunne’ is a state leader with the grassroots advocacy group Decoding Dyslexia Louisiana, is the President of The Reading League Louisiana, and has been appointed to the Louisiana Department of Education’s Early Literacy Commission, Dyslexia Bulletin 1903 Workgroup, and Special Education Advisory Panel. She proudly shares her talents serving as the President of The Center for Literacy & Learning, a 501c(3) Louisiana-based literacy nonprofit organization with a focus on professional development and family engagement — most known for the Plain Talk About Literacy & Learning Institute, one of the nation’s premier literacy conferences.



As the mom of two amazing boys, I understand the challenges faced by parents and students navigating the daily demands of school processes. I began to see some difficulty in my own child’s learning process as he began his school journey. I can relate to what it’s like to worry that your child has fallen so far behind in school that you feel completely overwhelmed and to be incredibly exhausted from hours of pointless reteaching at the kitchen table during homework time. After all, I was doing what the school told me to do with him at home. I was a mom trying to help her child…but it didn’t seem to get any better. 

Because of my persistence, knowledge-base, and relationship with the school, I was able to advocate for appropriate services for my child! It did not (and still does not) come without its challenges but I don’t plan to allow that to stop the pursuit of equality in the school setting.  

As a school counselor for several years, I facilitated a broken system of “help” for students daily. On any given day during parent-teacher conferences and team meetings, I sat cringing in my seat — frustrated, perplexed, and bewildered. How was it that so many educators were unaware of the school processes and the school’s obligation to provide appropriate education and intervention to its students? 


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