Building Relationships

No one can tackle a project alone. Having someone to reach out to for help, guidance, assistance, and support is key to any measure of success. DeJunne’ has built relationships with numerous stakeholders in an effort to bring build a solid foundation.



Growth in Knowledge

Learning never stops. It is essential to continue to grow by seeking the credible information needed to be a confident provider. DeJunne’ has never stopped learning. Her tenacity for a greater undersanding is evident in her educational pursuits.


Community Outreach

What we learn throughout our lives should be shared with others. The ability to do this can reach far and wide. Not only has DeJunne’ planted seeds of community building in her immediate area, she seeks to widen the “community” through a number of varied avenues in an effort to teach others what she’s learned.



Curating a culture of legitimate practices, DeJunne’ has sought to provide research-based and science-based services to her clients. You can rest assure that the pre-work has been done.

Discovery Call

Together, we will use this opportunity discuss goals, uncover limitations, and determine the services that may be the best fit for your individual concerns. We will discover your particular needs and make recommendations for the next steps in your journey.


Strategy Session

Here, we will dive deep into those things explored in the discovery call. We will dig our heels into the practical applications of what must be done in order to reach the goals previously outlined. You will receive actionable, quantifiable  next steps.

Accountability Calls

Now, we check in to see how your implementation has been going! We, together, will explore the effectiveness of the process. These sessions can be used for quick Q&A and additional guidance to address specific areas of need.

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