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Does my child need a formal diagnosis of dyslexia in order to qualify for or receive therapy services?

While a formal diagnosis is important in many aspects, the short answer is “NO”. If your child is struggling to read on-level text and has average to above average IQ then he/she will benefit from therapy with or without a formal diagnosis.

Do you offer formal assessments, resulting in a diagnosis?

A formal, comprehensive educational evaluation (often known as a psycho-educational evaluation) must be completed in order to receive a diagnosis related to learning difficulties. This eval can conducted by your child’s school upon your [written] request; typically following a series of Tier II and Tier III interventions. A diagnosis of ADHD can be given by your child’s pediatrician following the completion of several rating scales.


Can you conduct screeners?

Yes. I am qualified to assess your student utilizing formal screening instruments such as IQ screeners, dyslexia screeners, and ADHD screeners which may be brought to your child’s school to be used by the team that evaluates the need for interventions and further evaluations.

Are you able to attend my child's IEP/504/Eval meeting with me?

Absolutely. Often times, even the most well-educated parents get lost and confused by the educational jargon spoken across the table at school meetings. We can determine the depth of this service based upon your specific needs.



My child already receives ACCOMMODATIONS at school...isn't that enough?

Unfortunately, not. While accommodations are a necessary tool for success, it is only one component to the comprehensive care a student needs in order to remain successful. Remember this proverb: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Accommodations and services are vital for progress.

What's the difference between THERAPY and TUTORING?

I’m glad you asked…because there IS a difference. Tutoring is a service that helps a lot of average to above average performing students get the extra boost they need with on-grade-level schoolwork; however, it is not necessarily a service that is particularly effective for students with learning and attention issues. In therapy, we are able to be diagnostic and prescriptive in the administration of services.




How are services rendered?

It is MOST IDEAL for reading therapy services to be conducted in the school setting, during intervention/remediation block. Limited hours are available before school. After school hours are the least effective due to levels of attention, academic fatigue, and extracurricular activities. All other services are flexible. There is a global online platform available that encomopses several layers of information needed. Locally, services are rendered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

What is the focus of professional development offered to schools?

Often times, schools have the desire to offer the best for their students but lack the direction and teachers have a LOT of daily responsibilities to contend with! With gaps in teacher preparation programs, teachers don’t often realize what students need or how to help the 1 in 5. Through PD, I provide insight into student struggles as well as discuss actionable items to implement. 


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