Educational Therapy

Therapy is provided in the areas of Dyslexia (Reading) and Executive Functioning (ADHD). This allows for Academic Language Therapy combined with a behavioral therapy approach.

Comprehensive Data Review

Providing parents and families with the a review of students’ current and historical data — essential to understanding the needs of their struggling student.

School Advocacy

One-on-one student advocate and liaison, providing guidance and support throughout the school year with school processes and decision-making.

IEP/504 Review

Detailed review of student’s current plan to provide recommendations on developing or revising the plan to meet students’ school-based educational needs.

Professional Development

Schools need the tools to be able to effectively serve ALL students. Having an experienced professional and subject-matter expert explain the practical implementation of best practices will help solve those woes.

Parent Education

The whole kit and caboodle! This amazingly structured online course allows parents to dig deep to gain a greater understanding of the entire educational process to better assist and advocate for their struggling learner.

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