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the in-school solution for the struggling reader

This is an online course experience that will empower you, as a parent, to become a well-informed participant in your child’s educational process.

If you ever feel as though you are completely lost after leaving the meeting table at your child’s school chances are…you are!

Educational professionals use a lot of words that make sense to them because, well, they use them everyday. And they use those words in the decision-making process. But if you are not aware of what those words mean in the context in which they are being used then you need someone who is going to help you understand. That info can get confusing.

Unfortunately, schools don’t spend a lot of time teaching parents — they teach kids.

With this service, you will receive a crash course in school processes and interventions. You will also be better equipped to be actively engaged in the conversations happening around that table.

You are not just a signature on a page or a warm body in a chair — that’s YOUR kid they’re talking about.

Think of this as the parent education class similar to when you were attending a parenting preparation class at your delivery hospital. Same kinda thing, right?

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Do You Know The Exact Steps To Take To Receive The RIGHT Help From The SCHOOL For Your Struggling Learner?

The truth is there’s a LOT to learn… 

Especially when it comes to advocating for your child in a world where you might not understand exactly how to navigate the waters.

Things like:

  • How to recognize whether or not your child is actually struggling by using appropriate comparative information.
  • How to decipher the “educational jargon” used during meetings at your child’s school.
  • How to request appropriate help relevant to the specific reading problem.
  • How to ask for evaluations for reading-related disabilities.
  • How to best support your child’s learning at home! 

It is so important to know how each of these pieces could contribute to your child’s success in school.

Here is more of what you get through this course…

  • Develop a roadmap to help parents navigate the school’s responsibility to their child’s reading struggles.

  • Discuss the steps necessary to progress toward success for your struggling reader.

  • Resolve the challenges of fighting against homework time so you can focus on parenting and not teaching.

  • Figure out how to pinpoint how to identify your child’s needs so you can actually see results


"The IN-SCHOOL Solution for the Struggling Reader"

Join a community of parents, just like you, who are willing and ready to help ensure that the struggling readers in their lives are appropriately helped in the school.

Can’t wait to meet you!!

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In the ROADMAP Online Mini-Course, I give you all the basic steps to approach your child’s school —

“4 Essential Stops” to be exact!

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