data review

Sometimes, you just don’t know what you don’t know!

Say what, now?

If you ever feel as though you are completely lost after leaving the meeting table at your child’s school chances are…you are!

Educational professionals use a lot of words that make sense to them because, well, they use them everyday. And they use those words in the decision-making process. But if you are not aware of what those words mean in the context in which they are being used then you need someone who is going to help you understand. That info can get confusing.

With this service, you will receive a comprehensive review of your student’s collective data. This review can help determine trends and patterns in results, as well as highlight specific areas of struggle.

Most importantly, it helps to drive true intervention needs. You will also be better equipped to be actively engaged in the conversations happening around the table when these various data sources are discussed. 

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